What to Expect

Interior design has become an integral part of the process for most home owners. It can be an exhilarating yet daunting experience for the clueless first timers. Don’t let the uncertainties and hearsays overwhelm your excitement before you even got started.

Fret not, we are here to guide you into understanding the process and taking your first step of picking the right interior designer for your home.


Setting the Brief

Apart from listening to your needs and design preferences, we pride ourselves — also setting us apart from others — as the interior designers who listen and understand.

We do not work on space planning and confirm it on the spot, unlike other interior design firms. Our practise is to bring the information back, analyse and plan a space that best suits your lifestyle goals.


Nailing the Style

On the second meeting, we’ll meet you to share our design solutions to your purpose. This is where we propose a few options of space plans, how each space flows, together with a moodboard to help you visualise the space.

From there, we hear your feedbacks and concerns and further understand your needs to make subsequent revisions.

After we have nailed the layout and design style, we will then be able to propose a detailed set of quotations for the project.

Examples of our 3D visualisations


We’ve Got You Covered

We do not compete on pricing. With our decade of experience in interior design, our quality, service and workmanship define us.

We plan as detailed as possible to provide a transparent breakdown of all the materials and labours to avoid additional/ hidden costs during the renovation process.


We are Just a Phone Call Away

As most clients are busy nowadays, we value-add by coordinating the buying of furniture, plants, and additional equipment for the home.

After confirmation, we will start sourcing for materials for your home. We will bring you around to select lighting, materials, sinks, and even down to toilet bowls.

With market change, the growth in the interior design industry has seen increased awareness and curiosity, change in lifestyles, rise in the standards of living. Our designers are challenged to source for innovative and creative materials to stand out from the norm, on top of providing our design expertise.


Completion and Handover

The whole renovation works ranges from a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks from the date of confirmation, depending on the scope of work.

After all the heavy duty work is over, we will dispose of all the renovation debris, do some general cleaning as well as chemical wash. Finally, the furniture, electronics and you can move in.



The information here serves as a guideline and varies for each project.

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